UPDATE 4.4.21:

Unfortunately, Meokeob probably still has access to my private blog. Within half an hour of my asking people on TFH yesterday to report the post, he removed it from his tumblr blog, this after two days of doing nothing. Tumblr has since contacted me. I’ve reported the account and shared the screenshots. Tomorrow I contact Starz legal and PR departments to go on record about this toxic stalking of fans. This environment is not safe for women, and at the very least they should be made aware of the countless women who have been marginalized, demonized, stalked and personally violated. I have said in the past if I feel threatened, I will take action. If it doesn’t stop, I’ll go further. What happened to my private blog is inexcusable. It wasn’t just me who felt violated. It was every single woman who trusted me to keep her words safe. No harm comes to anyone from a private blog — if it remains private. Private conversations are private for a reason. There are privacy laws to protect us from such violations. No one has the right to infiltrate privacy and take it upon themselves to broadcast it at will. The fact that anyone — anyone —would normalize and rationalize this kind of behavior is galling.


I’ve written an addendum to this blog post. Normally I’d put it after the post, but I want to make sure it gets eyeballs. If you’re interested in hearing my further rant, go to my Pufflander Tumblr account and go to the Notes.

Here’s a question some of you need to answer.

If you lock your doors at night, do you expect safety for your efforts, or do you expect your neighbors to break in and go rummaging through your house?  If they broke into your house, would you think it perfectly fine that they shared what they found while rummaging in your drawers with other people?  “Hey, the Johnson’s have unpaid bills, looks like she has a prescription drug problem, and the son left dirty condoms in his bed.”

How about if someone figures out your password and hacks your account and publishes your emails. Is that ok?

Or, if your teenage daughter has a diary filled with musings about her fears and hopes and wishes.  Do you frantically look under her bed, close the door and scramble to read every juicy page?  After which, do you post her pages on Facebook?

If you’ve found you’re getting trolled on your Instagram account and you lock to to stay safe, but the troll remained in your followers and posted your locked images on their own Instagram account?  Would that be ok, too?

It’s called breaking and entering.  At the most it’s illegal, at the least it’s unethical.  

I don’t know what happened to ethics in this community. 

Have a nice day.


Hi, everyone. Long time no blog. In case anyone is interested, Hilaria Baldwin is still a phony and a cautionary tale of how your lies escape in the craziest of ways.

Anyway, just popping in to tell you a story about my private blog.

Starting with ‘imagine if’…

For those of you who were regular readers of the blog jamesandclairefraser, imagine if this was three years ago, and Jess had decided she’d had it with the trolls, she still wanted to continue blogging, but she wanted it to be a more intimate experience, so she invited a small group to join her as she made her blog private. How would you react to the news? How would you react if any blog you enjoyed reading closed up shop and went private?

Personally, if I enjoyed reading Jess’ blog every day but was only a lurker, I’d be super bummed that she decided to go private. I’d be bummed to lose the sense of community, and I’d be bummed to lose a forum for reading about something I enjoyed. I’d miss knowing what was going on, but eventually I’d get over it and move on. It’s what we do with disappointments, no? We accept that which we can’t have, and we go on with our lives. I assume most of you would do the same, as well. When something ends and we can’t be a part of it any longer, we grieve and move on.

Imagine however, if you reacted differently than the above scenario. Imagine if the idea that you weren’t a part of a private blog kept you up at night, and tormented you. Imagine if you couldn’t accept the fact that Jess had taken her blog private. Imagine deciding that you just had to get into Jess’ private blog, despite knowing you weren’t wanted. Imagine figuring out a way to get into Jess’ private blog because you were certain that Jess was going to talk about you and you needed to know exactly what she was going to say.

Friends, my private blog has under 150 women. Most of them I know, some of them I don’t. One of the people I don’t know has snuck in under the guise of someone else, but they are actually Paul Camuso, Purv, or a combination of both.

Of this I am certain. I am certain because I’ve been spilling some tea lately on the private blog. Tea that would get anyone’s ears pricked. I’ve been spilling 6 years of tea about Sam and Cait. In this deadsville fandom, you would think if someone was going to break into my blog who wasn’t welcome, the first thing they’d gobble up was tea about Sam and Cait, amirite? Of course I am. After all, that’s what folks want the most. New SamCait content. For some reason, however, the only posts that leaked were the ones about Paul Camuso.

I’m no genius, but here’s where my mind goes: “I called out someone on my private blog who I think is a Tumblr phony, and I said I thought they were Paul Camuso. In the two months since the blog has gone private, I’ve written extensively about Sam and Cait but I’ve only written about Paul Camuso twice. In two months the only posts that have leaked were about Paul Camuso.”

Really? How do you know I said that, ‘newbie’? I didn’t say it publicly. I said it on my private blog. Do you really think I’d willingly let someone into a private blog who would betray me in favor of you? Do you really expect anyone to believe you’ve earned the loyalty of anyone to share private blog information in order to protect you, but wouldn’t spread the blog posts about Sam and Cait? (Spoiler alert: they don’t jive with Meokeob’s narrative.) You “researched” my archives, or so you said. That’s the excuse you used to explain how you knew about me. Just a little research should do it, eh? Only 6 years to catch up on. Should take you no time at all. Is that why you called me the “Queen” shipper? Who the hell in their right mind would call me a Queen Shipper? Me, of all people. My shipping days are years in the past which means the only way you’d think of me as a shipper is if you’ve been around a really long time. Say, since 2016. You’re stuck, sweetie. Stuck in the past. Just like you’re stuck on Kim who ignores you, and Contemplating Outlander who for some reason fears you. Why are we all living rent free in your brain? (By the way, it’s cold and empty in here and I’d like a sweater). Why are you researching my archives? Why do you even know about me? Why do you even care about me enough to research my archives? What’s your back story besides living in London, which we all know Camuso did. You’re just a newbie who knows all about Sam from your days in London. A straight white woman who uses a blonde female emoji, who saw Sam in a gay movie and a gay play in London. Whatever you say, Jan. No red flags to see here. Your comments on Tumblr read like datalounge.

There’s a queen here alright, but it ain’t me and it ain’t Jess.

But, I digress. Let’s get to the central issue of someone putting a bullseye on their own forehead. How is it that the topic of Meokeob and Paul Camuso are the only blog posts that are getting leaked from a private blog, when all that new SamCait stuff is being posted? Especially now, when there’s a need for new content? Why isn’t that getting leaked? Why is it that the Matt Gaetz of Outlander goes on the the Tucker Carlson show and outs himself? “Someone emailed this to me.” No, no they didn’t. You panicked. You panicked and you acted before you thought. You posted something that was private (which in itself is a no-no which I’ll deal with separately but hey, you know the law better than anyone), and anxiously showed an accusation about yourself without realizing the people you were showing it to had no freaking idea what you were even talking about. If you hadn’t brought it to their attention, they’d never have known. You outed yourself, genius.

You just had to get into that private blog, didn’t you? You couldn’t be a normal person and wonder what was being said. Nope. You had to do something underhanded because that’s the only way you operate. You just had to know what was being said about you. You had to find out about the PI report. You had to find out what Puffy knows. Once you did, you began to share it with people who would never have known I accused Meokeob of being Camuso if you hadn’t brought it to their attention in the first place. Why not just shine a fucking klieg light on yourself, or pose for a mugshot? I didn’t do the thing I’m about to tell you about that no one here knows anything about!”

If you Tumblr ladies continue to give this phony an entrance into your world, you deserve him. Just one word of advice and I’ll drive out of here and stay in my own, private lane. Stalkers find the cracks when no one is looking. They worm their way in and if you’re not paying attention, they’ll catfish the fuck out of you. The last thing any of you ladies want is to be engaged in a private conversation with someone who isn’t who they say they are. Take the “L”, Tumblr ladies. Accept you’ve been had by that fat fucker pretending to know about Sam through his time in London and move on. I got snookered by letting someone into a private blog I shouldn’t. Rid yourself of that scourge and keep an eye out. Not everyone is worth the engagement. A little goes a long way. What’s he adding to your discourse anyway, except the repetitive message that Sam is gay and shippers are idiots? You can say all that on your own, you don’t need some sicko catfishing you in order to do it.

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For newcomers reading this post for the first time, the screenshot you see above wasn’t my inspiration for writing this blog post, it was the validation of this blog post. The blog post was written on the 26th, Hilaria Baldwin “confessed” to the grift on the 27th, and media outlets such as the NY Post began to cover it on the 27th/28th. The fact that I give examples of how Caitriona Balfe’s behavior mirrors that NY Post pull-quote, is merely serendipitous and corroborating.

Guess now we know why neither the bride nor the groom were ever featured in any of those awesome wedding photos from **BRISTOL**!!!!

“…solidifying her as an internet personality who exposes celebrities’ bullshit.”

Little is known, but much is asked of the Outlanderia anons. These lies aren’t going to perpetuate themselves now, are they?

(Sorry, guys if some of the videos come and go. She keeps locking and unlocking her account. But, she is never trolled enough to delete her account, even by Alec Baldwin and Hilaria stans, because she’s real, and not a phony plant.)

A thread.

If you don’t know who Hilaria Baldwin is, here she is, below. She is the 2nd wife (I believe) of Alec Baldwin, and the mother of his 438, or 439 children.

“You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person.” Rabbit hole, meet Twitter. I think you two will get along well.

What follows is the Twitter rabbit hole that many (myself included) went down last week. (Several of the tweets were linked together in a thread. Apologies if some are duplicates.)

Click and watch. She’s sporting some kind of an accent.

“How do you say in English? Cucumber?” Probably the same way she said it in high school, growing up in America, as the daughter of Americans who lived in Massachusetts.

OK, OK, it’s datalounge that’s accusing her of being an opportunist. Much as I want to use this quote to further my point, for the sake of integrity, I offer this disclaimer because it’s datalounge: take that statement in context because of the platform on which it’s said. It is, however, consistent with video proof. Video proof on legitimate television programs.

Hi, Mom who would never engage in a public fraud because no mother would ever lie for their kids to advance their careers oh sorry my bad yes they would. (SEE: MAUZY, MAMA; KENNEDY, MAMA; and you-know-who.)

An obvious PR plant? We here in Outlanderia wouldn’t know anything about that.

How sweet. He’s perpetuating his lover’s fraud. Where do I sign up for more of these two? They’re so shippable. I’m going to create a blog dedicated to these two authentic lovers. I’ll call it Hilaralec.

Always defend yourself against social media challenges. It’s guaranteed to not make you look guilty.

The above is from a “dillusional” hater, no doubt. They should be tagged on Twitter and shamed to Alec.

You all get the idea. A high profile woman, actively creating a fictitious biography for herself with an assist from her PR people, the media, her husband and, wait for it — her mom.

Friends, if we don’t embrace it as truth by now, we should. It’s easy to gaslight the public. Eighty million Americans understand that all too well after the last 4 years; 73 million do not. It’s easy because it’s so hard/impossible for normal, sane people to believe that anyone would have the balls to blatantly, outright lie and manipulate wide swaths of the public for personal gain. No one wants to admit, or accept when they’ve been snookered, so they default to what feels most comfortable — trust. From a young age we’re taught to trust, which is why we start from a belief system that embraces a baseline of honesty. Most of us feel guilty if we even lie about having finished the last handful of Cheez-itz in the pantry, let alone sell a phony backstory about who we are. Yet, we know from experience there are those among us for whom this feels harmless. These aren’t just garden variety lies, either. These are embellished lies. These are lies that are given life, and a history, and yes, public acceptance. These are lies that are spun out of whole cloth — to the detriment of the victims who are spun, but to the obvious betterment of the liar perpetrating the fraud.

I get that it’s hard to wrap your head around someone having that kind of gall. But guess what, Doubting Thomases? It happens. Obviously. It happens to people with whom you have no personal investment, and it happens with people with whom you do. In this culture of diminished character, none of us can afford to be naive about who we think we know. Every one of us who is so certain that Caitriona Balfe would never fake a marriage — please explain to me how well you actually know this woman. Please tell me how you are so confident that this woman whose public persona is on permanent pause, isn’t playing you. I’m all ears if anyone here thinks they can get a beat on her, cuz I’m a pretty observant person and I don’t have a clue who she really is, and I guarantee you no one else does, either. I’ll wait if you want to convince me, but something tells me I’ll be waiting forever, because that woman who cancelled a con and called her fans “horny grannies” has been closed for business since she and her costar sat down with Kristin dos Santos in January of 2016, nearly 5 years ago. One might be justified in wondering how someone who plays it so close to the vest says one thing but shows us another, has earned the trust of anyone. One might wonder indeed, except for the fact that this is Outlanderia we’re talking about, a dysfunctional community where there is an illogical working theory for everything.

I’ve got no skin in this game anymore, folks. I honestly and truly don’t give a hoot about the private lives of either of them. I don’t find them in the least bit interesting, or authentic enough to waste my time wondering what they’re doing, and who they’re doing it with. I’ve only stuck around this long because that’s the way I operate. I’m the kind of person who has to put a bow on the package, or else it’s not actually wrapped. I am also the person who is anxious for this sordid mess to be in my rearview mirror.

I saw the tweet from the woman who tagged Cait the other day. I saw it in all its glory. “I don’t know who is the luckiest in your marriage, you or Sam! Saw the live today, you guys are so in love, it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

Before we go any further with this clear insanity, lemme ask you this. When was the last time the two of them looked liked they could even tolerate each other, let alone love each other? When was the last time anyone shipped them for the looks and giggles of secret lovers? I don’t have to even peek at whatever clip that Twitter account (since deleted, natch) was obviously trying to promote with that fake tweet, to know there is no way that whatever took place in that interview was mistaken for two people in love. I guarantee it. I’ll place a heavy wager on the fact that a sum total of zero people saw the kind of chemistry between the two of them that would lead anyone to say “Saw the live today, you guys are so in love, it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

But, Cait had to answer the tweet some 15 hours or so later! How dare that woman imply that Cait and Sam were looking at each other in a way that would suggest they were married and in love! She answered the tweet with her traditional Christmas good cheer “I am not married to Sam.” After apologizing to Cait (who somehow only finds tweets and responds to them when it serves her purposes), the Twitter account went poof! Gone. Of course in Outlanderia the line is always “she got harassed by shippers.”

Ummm, yeah no. That makes no sense, but of course no one scratches the surface of these ridiculous narratives so sure, why not? Every woman who has ever posted a picture, or made a comment, who eventually theoretically “gets harassed by shippers” always seems to go bye-bye. Since when does a normal person delete their account because they got trolled? I’m on Twitter every day, multiple times a day, and I’m in a community where trolls reign supreme — the political community. People who get trolled lock their accounts, or they just simply ignore and deal with the fallout. They go private, they don’t delete. This fan was plant. Cait intentionally answered the world’s most far-fetched comment with a reinforcement of the narrative she has shoved down everyone’s throat (annually at Christmas too, I might add), but refuses to own up to. Saying Tony’s name in conjunction with the word “husband”, and posting a happy picture of the two of them in love on her Instagram would be oh, I don’t know, normal, and hardly a formula that would ruin either her or Tony’s life. In fact, doing so would make their lives a hell of a lot nicer and easier.

While we’re at it — poor Romann Berrux. He practically had an aneurysm reading that Cait isn’t married to Sam. “What??????” he tweeted. That tweet disappeared quicker than you can say “fake fireplace pictures”. (There’ll be an answer for that one too, in Outlanderia, I suspect. He was really saying “Whaaaat? How could anyone ever think that??” So true, Outlanderians. That’s why it was deleted, of course.)

Post, delete. Post, delete. Post, delete. Someone should write a poem about the commitment this fandom has to posting and deleting.

Now the whole Raya thing is making sense, too. I couldn’t figure out why it had become the active topic of conversation lately, even bringing poor Jess into it by sending her an anon, since I first heard about it ages ago. The site reputation is bogus, of course. Google it for information and everything you read is a press release. Marrying a $7.99/month fee with the word “elite” takes some serious chutzpah. Education comes in handy sometimes, when it comes to knowing the underlying reason why $.99 is used at the end of a fee. It’s another scam for celebrities to build a social media following. Just like Sam pretending to give out his phone number. You pay a fee to a company who manages your social media interaction. That won’t stop him from planting anons on Tumblr to discuss his latest conquests, however.

It would appear to me at least, that all of these recent efforts are geared towards getting Sam’s plummeting social media scores back up, and to gain a better female foothold for his whiskey business. The market for his brand is exclusively women. Clearly men aren’t going to walk into a liquor store looking for “The Sassenach”, or pony up $100 for a bottle with Sam Heughan’s signature on the box. Most likely women in their twenties to early-mid 30s are the target market for his overpriced celebrity whiskey. That is most definitely not the Outlander horny granny demo. Not enough potential buyers exist within his current fanbase to properly sustain a business. I knew there must have been a reason why chatter that included phony testimonials and fabricated inside information relating to Sam’s Raya habits had ramped up on Tumblr, but I couldn’t figure out why. That is, until I found out that Sam Heughan’s yellow brick road recently led him to following a new nubile woman on Instagram, thus placing the woman on everyone’s radar, and then posting matching fireplaces on Christmas. He really should be in PR. He’s so very good at this. I’ve never heard of anything this clever before skiing in Switzerland, a wedding in Georgia, tuna fishing, a wedding in Bristol (Be Kind), amputated hand holding, Hawaiian bunny, anons, anons, blondes, brunettes, lesbian/bisexual, best friend in a pink bikini, “Sam says you look great”, Abbie baking in the kitchen I could go on.

I don’t know what Sam’s and Cait’s situations are. I’ve been told a million little lies or truths over the course of 5 years. Ever since being given the heads up before covfefe happened, I’ve had to go back and re-rack what I think is real vs. that which was spin. I have no idea what the real situation is, but I know one thing about which my gut will not yield — those two are perpetrating a public hoax. People who have been in the spotlight for this long, who have had the same fans for this long, but who still share nothing of their personal lives except these bizarre implications, blatant social media setups, and specious declarations of love that are never accompanied by photographic evidence, aren’t not sharing themselves because they are private. They aren’t sharing themselves because they don’t want you to know the truth.

Tony McGill would never have been this ubiquitous a character in Outlander lore had Caitriona Balfe not wanted him in a supporting role. Does no one other than me find it quite unbelievable that he is so intentionally visible, yet too shy for a 30 second interview? However does he handle all of those massive public gatherings with his debilitating shyness and sensitivity to criticism? He has been photographed everywhere with her. Everywhere a boyfriend would be, everywhere a husband would be, and everywhere a personal assistant would be. Literally everywhere except working in the music industry for a paycheck, which is what we’re supposed to believe is his milieu. Yet, we’ve all seen Caitriona Balfe leave the “love of her life” in her dust more times than we can count. We saw while she walked (what appeared to be) hand-in-hand with her costar at a movie premiere while Tony brought up the rear. We even saw him stand there at the same event, doing nothing but watch — a mere 6 inches away from his girlfriend — as her same costar helped her on with her jacket. We saw him watch his lover depart from a tv studio, get in a car and leave him to shlep her bags into the NYC night. Tony McGill must be the world’s most understanding lover/boyfriend/husband to be constantly dismissed like that. Any of you Caitony believers think your husbands would stand for being treated like that under any circumstances? Anyone of you Caitony believers think you’d treat your significant other that disrespectfully as to never walk alongside, but always in front of the love of your life? Or, do we once again default to “Cait would never fake a marriage. Her mother would never help her out [hello Hilaria Baldwin’s mother, Mackenzie Mauzy’s mother, Mackenzie Mauzy’s aunt, Cody Kennedy’s mother]. Sam is clearly gay because I can’t make any sense out of his life if he’s not. It’s weird, but I believe Cait because she’s quirky and different and very private and my brain can’t come up with anything beyond that.”

I will repeat myself. I know it is hard to wrap your heads around a lie of this magnitude, but if you can’t see that what you are observing doesn’t feel right, nor does it make sense, you have spent too much time in this godforsaken fandom and you’ve lost all power of reasoning. Other than Donald Trump, please point to one other public figure who says one thing and does another to the degree that these two do. Other than Donald Trump, please point to one other public figure who expends this much effort to consistently tell you something but never shows you the proof, more than Caitriona Balfe does. We know a little something about repetition and brainwashing here in the United States. I dare say our patience for this kind of gaslighting has run out.

They are not who they say they are, their lives are not what they are pretending them to be. If they were, they would have no use for, nor would they even entertain the obvious, blatant, tedious, overdone, poorly done, fuck you both fuckery.

Their behavior is atrocious. I’m half expecting the next narrative to be that their dog ate their homework. I don’t care if Sam sleeps with goats, Cait is a dominatrix and Tony is a cross-dresser. Their obvious manipulation of a storyline for god knows what reason, has become farcical. And, the fact that they send out anonymous commenters to bring attention to their threadbare, repetitive, childish mendacity to whomever on Tumblr or Twitter will bite, for what? What in the world are they possibly getting out of this besides my pity and the disgust of thousands of decent, intelligent women who formerly respected them and have since gleefully departed their midst?

By now Sam Heughan should have been a household name. I dare say there wasn’t a single one of us who watched him both onscreen and off that first year who didn’t think he was someone on the precipice of big fame. He had it all. He was great looking, and nice, and talented, and so very kind and charming that first year. He was a one in a million find. Heck, he even made me want to be a better person, because his brand was so believable. His social media scores must have also been duly impressive that first year for him to garner so many influencer deals. It would appear however, and unfortunately from all outward behavior, that he decided he didn’t want that kind of money and respect, but instead was better suited to life as a single playboy with lots of innuendo, cheap looking women and dozens of self-serving Instagram posts.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that instead of spending his hiatus at his home, possibly teaching his fans how he physically works out in his house instead of a gym during quarantine, or taking his fans to his place in the country he supposedly owns, or horse backing riding, or recording himself hiking, or talking to them about the process of how he didn’t write wrote his book, or any number of actually interesting things, he has committed to “pretend sharing” his life by posting endless moody poses, arm flexes, cheesy liquor commercials, favoriting an odd collection of women’s photos and showcasing his quantifiably unlikeable sidekick. Gay? Why in the world wouldn’t people think he is gay? I have never seen anyone point more arrows at their sexuality with an obvious trail of bearded breadcrumbs than this 40 year old man has for the last 6 years. They should give out a Jarry Award for best self-sabateur.

Congrats to Sam and Cait. They managed, once again, to succeed this Christmas. They gave what’s left of their rag tag fan base something to talk about, which let’s face it, is all that they, or social media cares about. What a special fandom they’ve both created. I’m sure all of this will hold them both in good stead as they march forward to make a comfortable life and career for themselves. They’ve clearly inspired the best humanity has to offer.



I’m sorry. I know you’re all in the holiday headspace, but I’m thisclose to burn out, and I need a quick break. Just a quick cynical interstitial between work and work. 👇🏻

That feeling when your “elite” dating app costs less than your monthly subscription to HBO

For a mere $7.99/month, you too can gain access to the greatest thinkers and achievers of our time, in the fields of science, art and entertainment. Creative thinkers, that’s what Raya is looking for. That is…if you’re lucky enough to be accepted.

“Only 8% of applicants are approved, and there are 100,000 people on the waiting list to get into Raya’s community of 10,000 members”.

This doesn’t sound like a press release at all, so do go on. I’m intrigued regarding the exclusivity. That $7.99/month must be to cover the extensive background checks of its applicants in order to properly vet the “elite”.

“To use Raya, which is described as a “membership-based community for people all over the world to connect and collaborate,” you’ll need to apply. About 8% of applicants are accepted. (Just for perspective, that means you have a better chance of getting accepted to Brown University, an Ivy League school with an acceptance rate of 8.5%.) “

Think about all those parents who needlessly bribed admissions officers with hundreds of thousands of dollars for their kids’ acceptance into prestigious schools. Had they only known it would only cost them $7.99/month to become part of the successful elite.

But before you get discouraged, here’s some good news: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to be famous to get accepted.”

No, you don’t need to be famous at all — you just need a credit card and $7.99/month. The celebrities featured on this elite site are likely paid to lend their names and offer credibility and a come-on to the shmucks who think they’re going to date Channing Tatum for $7.99/month. Call me crazy, but Trevor Noah and Channing Tatum aren’t using their debit card to find women on the internet, even if the $7.99 is waived (quite the attractive come-on). Especially if “you don’t have to be famous to be accepted.” Then, why bother? You mean to tell me Trevor Noah can’t find a quality woman willing to buy him a Starbucks for $7.99? The good news is it’s all Instagram friendly and you must have a certain amount of Instagram followers to be considered and it’s best use is for networking. All of which makes Sam Heughan’s search for either true love or pure sex (depending upon the rumor mill that day), about as sincere as him paying a service to pretend he gave away his cell phone number for some intimate text chatting with the fans.

It’s about Sam’s social media scores, which obviously aren’t performing as well as they used to. Makes it hard to leverage your personality as a business asset when your scores aren’t great.

I’ve got a better idea, Sam. First, get yourself a dog. Trust me. Your whole gestalt will change. Second, and equally important, get yourself a business partner with experience running an export business, a liquor business and/or networking equity partners. It’s no $7.99 elitist dating site, but it will keep you warm in the years ahead.

I have no time for this shit. And when I say I have no time, I have less than no time. I am busy. I am busy because all of my hard work has paid off and my business is thriving, despite every metric that says it shouldn’t. I am saying that to illustrate the only way I know how. If I had the time to sink my teeth into this foul, odorous, excrement of a human being with a full-throated post, I would.

Fat Fuck — you don’t have the faintest fucking idea what you are even talking about, and neither does anyone who knows Amanda. Amanda doesn’t touch the Outlander fandom or anything Outlander related, and hasn’t for years. Are you kidding me? Your information about her is about as reliable as Jess being a middle-aged Canadian woman. That is to say, what the ever loving fuck is the matter with you?

I see you’re a regular blog reader of “The Shirt” (ouch you really know how to hurt a gal with those clever 8th grade girl nicknames), otherwise how would you know that Amanda lost her mother to a brutal, virulent, rare illness during which she dropped everything to make sure she could care for her mother at home? Or, don’t you believe that one either? I read a DM you sent someone questioning the death of my husband. Classy.

I haven’t one clue what you’re up to by bringing a cancer survivor, and a recent orphan onto your diseased blog, but you’re a liar and I’ve caught you lying. You wrote an entire screed about how I know nothing about Sam’s business, yet you were confronted privately by the person who involved me. She told you everything. You responded by saying “Money makes people do strange things.” You learned the truth from her. You learned I wasn’t lying. Did you ever correct it on your blog? Nope. Why not? Why wouldn’t you correct your defamation of my character? It doesn’t suit your thug personality, that’s why.

What in the god damn world is the matter with you? You are in your late 50s, clearly single for life, obviously unemployed or have oodles of time on your hands, and what do you do with with your time? You harass women. Do you have any idea how unbelievably stupid you are in 2020 to blog and harass women? To dox them, to defame them, to lie about them? What are you doing in the middle of this group of women? Do you have any idea how loathsome you are to people? If anyone — and I mean anyone — actually believed you were friends with Sam Heughan — aside from your partner in crime who is now catfishing to her heart’s content on Tumblr — they would befriend you. They would want you to like them. Instead, people are repelled by you like Covid. In fact, I think I’d rather take my chances with Covid than ever to ever have to read a single word of your Dunning Kruger delusions.

You are pathetic. Your life has come down to this. You are Google-able. Your name and the juvenile, girly, petty, mendacious words are all Google-able. That oughta get you some sweetheart deals after Shatner croaks. You must have the goods on a lot of people if this is the way you live your life and no one has popped you yet.

If you lay one hand on me, or anyone I care about, I will unleash the folder sitting in my attorney’s office without a second thought. If you don’t think I’m serious, you just try me buddy. And if you don’t think there will be dozens of women behind me waiting to offer their testimony (discovery should be fun, too), you’re nuts. If you think $3800 was a lot of cash to raise (which you tried to get shut down — guilty much?) to find out your friend was a fraud, just wait until the private donations people have offered pay to sue your fucking ginormous ass off. Good news, too. Because I’m a victim of online harassment, apparently I’m allowed to maintain my anonymity, while your name will be made public, since you proudly harass under your own name. My Master’s Degree in Communications from that college you profess to know so much about will come in handy as I reveal the catfishing documentation I have to any entertainment and news site who will listen. I’m a pretty decent writer, so I’m confident I’ll get published. I’m sure “Mr” Shatner would love to have his sidekick’s reputation dragged through the mud for harassing women. Hollywood loves a good womanizer. Starz will love it, too. As will Sony. Let’s not forget Sam. He could use the signal boost, right?

Stay in your own lane, you despicable creature. Whatever jollies you get by torturing women, probably can’t compare to the bullying I’m sure you received as a fucking loser your entire life.

P.S. Maybe you can apologize to me like you did those two lovely “ladies” on Tumblr.



Okay. I’m with you P~ + Stella + all here who adore Amanda. That sweetest of sweethearts is the most beautiful Soul with the most heartwarming Spirit. Our Amanda has helped me through some of my most recent days and nights and medical test results. Amanda sent thoughtful gifts, supportive cards and sent the rallying cry out to Puff to bring all of you here into my orbit to send love, support, cheers + tears. We bonded more recently over the sudden illness/loss of her Mom. Listen, I’ve got not a single fucking thing left to lose here, so if you want me to, I’ll find his pathetic ass and shove my sick foot 🦶 up it. She has not had anything to do with Outlander (and for that matter neither have any of us here) in forever. Honestly, the series should’ve been cancelled after Season 2 or 3…I’m still flummoxed that it’s somehow remains on the air. No one who is real, has a pulse and/or 2 remaining brain cells to rub together…gives a rat’s ass about this series anymore or it’s leads…and most certainly there is no one left out there who still “ships”. NO ONE CARES LOSER!

My love to all of you beautiful women here. We WON and got that shithead out of the White House (whoop whoop!) It’s been the most satisfying thing to watch him lose on Election 🗳 night, and then lose over and over and over right up to the Supreme Court.
Now we just have to get rid of that Kentucky Grim Reaper.
Love Love Love, Su xoxo ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I love you, too.