54 mile charity bike ride for WCC

So I was going to wait to post this later in the spring when I was more certain I was going to go through with it. But I am certain I am going to do it. And today, the day we celebrate Caitriona looking more beautiful and classy than ever, is a good day to remind her why she should marry me and not anyone else because I’m competitive and love her the most right?

All jokes aside, this September I will be traveling to London to cycle 54 miles with the team from World Child Cancer. I will be raising funds for WCC until then. None of my fundraising will go to the cost of the trip, my bike, etc. all of it will go to WCC. If you are feeling generous or supportive or madly in love with old hollywood Cait, here is a link to my just giving page.



Can we all just spend the day

talking about Cait?  I only want to talk about Cait.  My future wife.  Sorry, OUR future wife.

I’ll go first.  If ever there was a night to “nail it”, last night was it.  This, my friends, is what class looks like.  And, she knows it.  Look at how regally she is posing.  Look at the hair.  Sweet perfection.  The makeup.  Flawless with those amazing lips jumping out against her alabaster skin.  The one side of her hair tucked behind her ear and the chandelier earrings.  And girlfriend walks the walk and talks the talk.  She wore the blue ribbon and it looks like a fine brooch on her.  The best part for her?  The dress looks comfortable.  This is exactly how I always fantasized Cait Balfe perfection to look.  Ok, now everyone else…your turn. — P.cait-oscars2