The Emperor has no clothes.

While this Category 5 human embarrassment vomited his ignorance on Twitter over the past few days, a quick check of Shatner’s feed showed a bewildering group of Outlander fans provoking Shatner to drag shippers into the fray.  As if taking on the entire autism community with his misinformation and crass attitude wasn’t bad enough, Shamuso had to deflect his rotten-to-the-core behavior onto shippers.  Shame on the pathetic women who goaded him with glee.  Good luck with whatever is left of your grace and dignity, if you had any to begin with.

Sam, my friend.  It might be time to have the big guns intervene and get your photo off his Twitter feed.  It’s not harmless anymore.



25 thoughts on “The Emperor has no clothes.

  1. Wow, I just read a couple articles about this; his malignant pride forced him to align with the anti-vaxxers, when the science has overwhelmingly proven them wrong. And he led his 2.5 million followers down the same path of ignorance. Did he really try to draw shippers into this somehow? He is really … just like Trump.

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    1. I think Outlander Shamuso fans tried to drag him into it. Didn’t take much coaxing. Just a tweet that the shippers were dragging him on this and he was all-in. If I were in Sam’s shoes I’d want to hide. Slate just did an article with another screen cap from Shatner’s twitter. — P.

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      1. A few comments I read in a thread were very interesting regarding IW. Hope it’s okay to post. I’m not plagiarizing, just calling attention to comments from fans of other shows and people who have been following Shamuso’s behavior for years.They see patterns. (1) “His general ploy seems to be leeching on different fandoms (Supernatural, Arrow, OL, OUAT,The 100, etc.) and he seems nice at first. Even the actors like him – then he starts picking fights w/actual fans. He trashes the actors and acts like it’s friendly banter. Fandoms evict him.” (2) “He attacked shippers and insulted fans of the OL leads. It mirrored his issues in SPN and Misha.” (3)” He latched onto SH the way he latched onto Misha. The fans of these men are routinely insulted.” (4) THIS ONE! “There’s almost homoerotic rage in the way he latched onto Misha and Sam while insulting their fans.” It sounds like he started these tactics around 2013 during Gishwhes. After reading this (and more) sounds like Shamuso picked up quickly (from antis) about SC, picked up “something” from Sam or reading other celeb sites that many people sniffed out a RL relationship between SC and decided to go for the jugular with fans/shippers over that NOT being a possibility. Not his 1st rodeo and he played us well. Puffy, does this make sense or add in to what you’re thinking about Sam and actions in any way.? Sorry for being so long.

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          1. I told you it was long. haha You can’t imagine some of the things I’ve read this afternoon. I think people are finally coming out of the woodwork after this latest stunt and are being very vocal with their disgust. It has opened up people wanting to share stories and as you say, dots are being connected.

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        1. The person you are quoting is a young women who, while also a writer, is a paraplegic. I believe this was contained within a discussion with an Irish disability journalist -Davis M. Perry, who was v much on point re this whole debacle re this seething pile of dung. For God’s sake, Sam, extract yourself now!

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          1. Yes Mollie that’s her. She’s been watching Shatner and his antics for a long time. Very knowledgeable. Also agree Davis Perry was very on point. I’m encouraged that these people are not letting up on him and hopefully this fight will remove Shamuso’s attention from the OL fandom. Probably a pipe dream but I’m hoping for the best.

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          2. Sam👋👋👋👋Sam, if you or someone you love is reading this or can get a message to you😬😬😬, for the love of Christ, get your face and name off of that booze bag ass clown’s 🤡 Twitter!!!! Daniel Craig is continuing on as 007. The jig is up. I don’t know what deal you made with this Coven, but you need to take control of your image because it is swirling down the crapper.

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    2. The crux of the problem? He just couldn’t admit that he was hoodwinked by fake news. The Slate article bent over backwards to be fair to him, but of course he saw it as nothing but an attack.


  2. God I hope this latest splurge of vile behavior will be enough to push Sam into taking whatever steps are needed to get his photo off his twitter. Whatever he gained by his association with Shatner has long since been outweighed by the negatives.

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  3. There’s a pattern with this, ahem, person. It was shippers 10 months ago that filled up his twitter with lies, attacks, misinformation and vilification. 10 months later, he’s still dragging shippers over the coals. Then some poor schmuck on DWTS. Sam plastered all over Shamuso’s twitter wasn’t exactly helpful before, and even less so now. I need to take a shower.

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  4. Shamuso was blocking doctors, experts, professionals, and disabled people, all while continuing to tweet out responses in his usual condescending way. It looks like “he” is having a manic episode playing out over his SM. I was shocked when I saw a screencapped block on a shippers Twitter and there is Sam’s pic and a stupid 007 martini glass and photo of Sam for Bond across the header. People are seeing that and connecting Sam with this asshole. In what business plan would Sam, Starz or his management team think this is great for PR or name recognition while that idiot is now having blowback from this latest media meltdown?

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  5. He has been going on about this for over 10 hours. That’s just today! How do you fix this? Is having your picture removed enough at this point?

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  6. Sometimes I wonder if Sam even gets how bad he looks with this whole Shatner mess. Sam liked Shatner’s IG post yesterday. I am completely dumbfounded as to why Sam is turning a blind eye to Shatner and not completely ignoring anything he puts out.

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  7. It’s for charity so whatever but I see Sam has once again donated an item for Shatner to pimp the hell out of in his horse charity auction. Funny how he doesn’t want an item signed by the Outlander leads, he just wants Sam, Sam, Sam! Does he believe Cait’s signature devalues it? Or is he in denial about Cait’s existence? Or does Cait just refuse to allow any association between her name and the giant losers? Shamuso will be digging in their hooks over the course of the next couple of months while the auction is ongoing. They are going to expect Sam to promote it, banter with them about the bidding, etc. Sam really needs to change his number or give away all his sweaty t shirts to other causes already. There’s a line between being exceedingly kind and being a pushover and Sam needs to find it. I genuinely hope he doesn’t take the bait as he has created some distance (aside from the embarrassingly awful Twitter avi and header pic) but I have my doubts that he won’t get reeled back in by these 2 in the name of ‘charity.’ Hold strong Sam.

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  8. Oh my gosh. I thought I had seen crazy from him/them/?? until today. This shit is completely different unhinged. I would want my pic off his banner and my name out of his mouth ASAP if I was Sam. The. Narcissistic, myopic, delusional worldview is really just beyond…

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  9. Holly hell!! Sam’s photo plastered in the background as Shatner takes a nutty in front of the world. Even his own followers see what a loon he truly is. Puff, do you believe Sam or Sam’s PR has seen this yet ? Damage control. Remove your photo NOW!!!

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